Mount Pleasant, SC Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Whether you’re new to Mount Pleasant or a longtime resident, you need quality HVAC services to keep your home comfortable. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, the weather outside impacts your indoor environment. When temperatures hover in the 90s or plummet towards freezing, Acute Heating & Cooling has your back. We’re proud to supply homes and businesses in the city with a wide spectrum of heating and air conditioning services.

Air Conditioning Installations in Mount Pleasant, SC

With more than 200 sunny days each year, a reliable AC system is fundamental to your comfort in Mount Pleasant, SC. If you’re considering a new air conditioning system, give us a call. We’ll schedule a free consultation to explore your options. From whole-home systems to point-of-use ductless AC, we offer a wide variety of cooling solutions. Don’t worry! We never pressure our valued customers into purchasing products they don’t need. Our goal is to earn your trust by helping you select the system that best fits your budget and cooling needs.

Expert Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

When your AC falters in hot weather, you need a contractor who can resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. To ensure we’re always up to the task, our service technicians receive ongoing education in the latest diagnostic techniques. Every member on our team is a professional trained to meet the highest standards of customer service. To help prevent future repairs, we also provide regularly scheduled air conditioning service. Our Comfort Club maintenance plan makes it easy and affordable to keep your equipment in great working condition.

Heating and Air Conditioning Solutions

When the weather in Mount Pleasant turns cold and stormy, your comfort depends on a reliable heating system. Acute Heating & Cooling keeps you warm and cozy with a complete list of installation, repair, and maintenance services. Whether it’s blistering hot or freezing, our emergency services ensure you’ll stay comfortable indoors in every season. To keep the air in your home fresh and healthy, we also offer a wide array of indoor air quality products. From dehumidifiers to smart thermostats, we’re here to provide solutions for all your indoor climate control needs.

When you partner with Acute Heating & Cooling, you can rest assured your home in Mount Pleasant will stay comfortable year round. Our commitment to excellence means you can expect to enjoy an exceptional customer experience. Call us today!


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