Expert Indoor Air Quality Inspections in Goose Creek, SC and Surrounding Areas

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Your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) can mean the difference between a healthy family and a sick family. If you have any doubt about your home’s IAQ, call Acute Heating & Cooling to hear about our IAQ solutions.

How Can My Home’s Air Quality Be Bad?

That’s a common question we frequently answer. There are many factors that influence your home’s air quality. Even if your home is well-maintained and clean, the air quality can still be less than ideal. Here are some factors that impact your IAQ:

Signs of Bad Indoor Air Quality

Although there’s no single symptom that may indicate that you have poor IAQ, there are some signs that, when present, indicate less than ideal air quality. For example, if you or a family member frequently have headaches or nausea only in your home or you seem to have worse allergy symptoms like sneezing and congestion inside your house. Other signs include fatigue, dizziness, and dry or irritated eyes. Don’t take these symptoms lightly; your home could be making you and your family sick. Acute Heating & Cooling may be able to provide you with a simple solution like installation of air cleaners.

Let Acute Heating & Cooling Help

When you call us to learn about your home’s IAQ, we’ll schedule your no obligation in-home consultation. While our expert technician is there, we’ll also ask you a series of questions to help us better understand what may be causing the poor air quality. After that, we’ll provide our recommended solution or solutions to your air quality issues. Sometimes it’s as simple as cleaning your ducts and reminding everyone to remove their shoes upon entering the home and other times the problem requires new equipment. One of the most common solutions is replacing the ventilators in your home’s HVAC system. Other times installing humidifiers or air purifiers provide the relief your family needs.

Call Acute Heating & Cooling today for your no-obligation evaluation. We’ll help your family back on the road to health.

Improve Your Indoor Air, Call Us

“Your comfort is our priority.” Our philosophy includes your health also. As a family-owned company, we’re as concerned about your family’s health as we are about our own family. You can count on our superior customer service, experienced technicians, and workmanship to resolve any HVAC or indoor air quality concerns. We offer flat-rate pricing, 24/7 emergency service, and your complete satisfaction with our “Honest Thomas Approved” seal of approval. Our services are available to homeowners and business owners in Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant, Goose Creek, SC, and surrounding areas.


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